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Terms of Delivery

At EatFresh Fruit and Veg we strive to make sure that all of our products arrive fresh and intact to our customer's desired address or destination. It is very important to provide accurate contact details in order to make sure that the order id delivered as stipulated. This also preserves the freshness of the products delivered when avoiding delays. 

We only do free deliveries for orders of €25 and over and in central areas. A €5-€10 (Depending on location) delivery charge will apply to non central areas. All orders below €25 will incur a delivery charge irrespective of location. Delivery charges will appear before finalising order.

Sometimes it may occur that occasional damage may happen during delivery. Hence we advise our customers to inspect the items before paying in order to solve any issues amicably. On the other hand if you find out that you have an unwanted item by mistake, you may contact us on or on 79625759

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